THE CHALLENGE: Get New Yorkers to realize that most of the world doesn’t have the abundant water that they take for granted every day.

Just look at the water tanks dotting the rooftops above us all. Each holding roughly ten thousand gallons of water. It’s something we see every day, and rarely give a second thought. But for one fifth of the world, water is top-of-mind all day long. Just acquiring it takes precedent over everything else. The Water Tank Project wants to change that. We’re going to give people a reason to look up and take notice of the rooftops of the city, and start seeing water differently. We’re going to raise awareness of this global issue by literally raising people’s heads to the sky to see what the biggest names in art can do using a water tank as their canvas . We’re going to make water top-of-mind right here at home. We want New York to put understanding above all. Change above all. And most importantly, water above all.